Tess Makovesky

Author of Raise the Blade
Tess is the author of the dark and gripping novella Raise the Blade
Tess Makovesky


Liverpool lass Tess is now settled in the far north of England where she roams the fells with a brolly, dreaming up new stories and startling the occasional sheep.
Tess writes a distinctive brand of British comédie noir and her short stories have darkened the pages of various anthologies and magazines, including Shotgun Honey, Pulp Metal Magazine, Out of the Gutter Online, 'Exiles: An Outsider Anthology' (Blackwitch Press), 'Drag Noir' (Fox Spirit), 'Rogue' (Near to the Knuckle), 'Locked and Loaded' (One Eye Press), and 'Last Word' (Joyride Press). Her debut novella, a pyschological noir called 'Raise the Blade', is out now.

Raise the Blade

Like a spider wrapping flies...

When psychopath Duncan leaves a trail of duct-tape-wrapped bodies scattered across the suburbs of Birmingham, there’s nothing to link the victims except his own name and address, carefully placed on each new corpse.Six very different people follow his clues, each convinced they can use Duncan to further their own selfish or naïve ends. Is there a reason Duncan’s driven to target these particular individuals, or does their very nature contribute to their fate?Will any of them be strong enough to break the cycle and escape a painful death? Or will Duncan reel them in and rearrange them to his own insane ideal?

"Raise the Blade is a gloriously gruesome read, riven with the very blackest of humour. And I loved it.”

Ian Ayris, author of ‘Abide With Me’ and ‘April Skies’.
Raise the Blade - cover

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