Jennifer Lee Thomson

Author of The Detective in a Coma series​​
Jennifer Lee Thomson is the author of Vile City
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Jennifer lives in Scotland with her rescue dog and her partner and is a member of the Crime Writers Association. She’s had a variety of jobs including a hospital laundry attendant where she nearly cut off her hand with a stray scalpel left in a doctor’s white coat, a film extra and a board game inventor.

Vile City is her first book featuring DI Duncan Waddell and his team, including pal and colleague DC Stevie Campbell who’s in a coma since he was attacked by a suspect. Only Waddell can still talk to him leaving the under pressure detective to question his sanity.

Vile City won the Pitlochry Quaich award for a first crime novel from The Scottish Association of Writers.

Jennifer also writes as Jenny Thomson and has published a crime trilogy with Limitless Publishing featuring feisty Nancy Kerr and her ex-Special Forces boyfriend Tommy McIntyre who turn detective. The books are Hell to Pay, Throwaways and Don’t Come For Me.

An animal and human rights advocate, Jennifer also wrote Living Cruelty Free – How to Live a More Compassionate Life (originally published by Greatest Guides). She’s also penned another five non-fiction books, including ones on bullying and dog care.

In her spare time, she enjoys watching true crime shows and planning for the zombie apocalypse.

You can visit her blog where she looks at real life crime cases at or follow her on Twitter @jenthom72

Vile City

DI Duncan Waddell has big problems. He’s borderline diabetic. The paperwork is piling up faster than the underwear at a porn shoot. 

Now his best pal DC Stevie Campbell, who’s in a coma after being attacked by a suspect, has started to talk to him. Trouble is, only Waddell can hear him.
The last thing he needs is the country’s biggest case to land on his lap. 

Three women have gone missing in the city he used to love, but is fast coming to despise, victims of the GLASGOW GRABBER, as their assailant has been dubbed by local hack and all round thorn in Waddell’s backside, Catriona Hastie. 

Shelley Craig is the latest victim, snatched as she and her boyfriend took a shortcut through Glasgow city centre. 
And she’ll do anything to make it home. 

Vile City - cover

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