Darren E Laws

Author of The Georgina O'Neil Series and Tripping
Darren E Laws is the author of the horror crime books Turtle Island and Dark Country: Songs of Love and Murder
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Darren E Laws
Born in East London in 1962. Darren's first writing success came in the mid 1990's, winning first place in a short story competition for a BBC Radio 4 arts program. The thrill of hearing his words read on Radio 4 drove him to write short stories of a dark and quirky nature before progressing to lengthier works.  Darren then crafted his first novel ‘Turtle Island’, a crime thriller, which was picked up by an American publisher. 

Darren is now a seasoned author with another novel, ‘Tripping’, a surreal black comedy described as chick-noir, published.  The sequel to Turtle Island is now published, entitled ‘Dark Country: Songs of Love and Murder’. The third Georgina O’Neil book is being penned and a fourth novel is in-progress which is another stand alone book outside of his series of Georgina O’Neil crime thrillers.


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Tripping is a surreal black comedy drama that looks at the lives of four friends and how the ripple effect of an event at university comes back to haunt them over a decade later.
Samantha arrives in London for a reunion with three university friends, but she is hiding a secret with a ten-year history that has touched and irrevocably changed the lives of everyone, even if they don’t quite know it yet. The story charts the lives of the four girls who at university have the world at their feet. Ten years later they have become women searching for the
most elusive of dreams…happiness.
Tripping is a modern fable that explores the complexities of life’s most intricate paradox, balancing the mundane world of shattered dreams with secrets, lies and
deception. Tripping is a step into a modern day wonderland. The events of a hot summer week in May during their reunion will change their lives forever.

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Turtle Island

The First Georgina O'Neil Thriller

When the body of a man is washed up in the river; Turtle Island, Missouri is awoken from being a peaceful haven and thrust into the attention of the national media.
The case is solved rather all too conveniently and F.B.I agent Georgina O’Neil is left with severe doubts - have they caught the right man? A feeling that is justified after case Detective Montoya and his family are kidnapped and a web site is set up promising America its first ‘live execution’. Turtle Island is now thrust into global spotlight and the world gets to vote on who the killer will choose next. As O’Neil digs deeper she finds evidence of a paedophile ring that could run into the heart of the police. No longer sure who they should trust, O’Neil and case partner, Detective LaPortiere, have to find the Montoya’s and save them before an 8pm deadline. The clock is ticking…

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Dark Country: Songs of Love and Murder

The Second Georgina O'Neil Thriller

Three related famous country and western singers are kidnapped over a period of 50 years. Only one body has ever been found.
Battling a debilitating illness, FBI agent Georgina O’Neil joins forces with newly licensed private investigator, Leroy La Portiere to find Susan Dark, the latest in the Dark family to go missing as she is on the verge of national stardom. But Georgina’s search for the truth is hampered by an illness which is affecting her judgement. Is there one perpetrator or is this a series of elaborate copycat crimes?
The hunt to find Susan leads them deep into a densely forested area as they follow a bloody trail and a deadly cat and mouse pursuit that will have fatal consequences for all.
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