Col Bury

Author of My Kind of Justice
Col Bury is the author of the DI Jack Striker series of books
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Col Bury is the former Crime Editor of webzine, Thrillers, Killers ‘n’ Chillers, for which he was voted ‘Online Fiction Editor of the Year’ in a 2010 readers’ poll. His short stories have gained interest from agents and have won online competitions. His fiction has featured in many anthologies, most notably, THE MAMMOTH BOOKS OF BEST BRITISH CRIME 9, 10 & 11.
He is the author of two popular short stories collections, MANCHESTER 6 and THE COPS OF MANCHESTER, and his debut novel, MY KIND OF JUSTICE will be out in June 2015 via Caffeine Nights Publishing. The flawed and unusual Detective Inspector, Jack Striker, will again feature in the sequel, which Col is currently working on, as well as a separate new crime novel series.
Col has been developing the craft of writing, spasmodically, for twenty-five years and readers have commented that with Col having worked with violent offenders for many years, it adds authenticity to his fiction.
Col has had over 15 years service with the Manchester Police Force.
Col lives with his wife and two children in Manchester, UK, where he reads a lot, enjoys action movies, shoots pool and watches his beloved Manchester City FC.
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My Kind of Justice

Newly-appointed DI Jack Striker, of GMP’s Major Incident Team, has a dark secret, one that would land him in prison.
Striker’s first case seems a straight-forward gang-on-gang slaying, until a notorious youth is found hanged. Before any chance to investigate, bodies begin stacking-up.
With the hot breath of the brass burning his neck, including hard-faced DCI Maria Cunningham who’s onto him, Striker knows this case will make or break him.
The media-dubbed ‘Hoodie Hunter’ mixes MO’s, leaving few leads, and Striker recognises the work of a highly-skilled vigilante killer.
When Striker’s nephew is put into a coma, it becomes personal. Desperate, he runs an unofficial op’ with trusty colleagues, stunning DC Lauren Collinge and un-PC DC Eric Bardsley, placed in the line of fire.
The killer’s trail leads Striker into his own shady past, but will he catch the Hoodie Hunter before he or a colleague becomes the next victim?

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