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The Louisiana Republic 

Maxim Jakubowski

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Following an unexplained worldwide catastrophe in which the Internet and all electronic records have been wiped out, much of the USA is in a state of anarchy, with regions/states seceding and not allowing visitors in or people out.

An involuntary NYC private eye is asked by a beautiful, if damaged woman to find her younger sister who has disappeared. They are both the daughters of a sinister man, the Commander, who is pulling the strings in a city where Central Park has become a no man's land. Following the trail of nude photos the younger sister was a part of, the detective unravels some of the threads of a major conspiracy, albeit at his bodily peril, assisted by the daughter of the Emperor of Washington Square who helps him evade Reservoir Dogs, the Commander's lethal henchman and April-Lea an amazonian model who is also a martial arts fighter and the Commander's Punisher.

When a clue left by a dead photographer indicates the young woman is now in New Orleans - alongside the love of the detective's life whom he thought was dead - which is cut off from the rest of the world, the detective and his sidekick make a perilous journey down the Mississippi and manage to smuggle their way into the city, now controlled by an assortment of bizarre gangs, where they face new perils, of a possible supernatural nature which might have a bearing on the worldwide catastrophe and he makes a journey through hell and back to not just solve the case but save his own soul and find the woman he once loved before the world broke down.
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